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Rose Solid Perfume

Romantic. Classic. Comforting.

Beautiful, relaxing, and luxuriously romantic, our Rose fragrance is perfect for fans of classic florals. Made predominantly with notes of fresh, rich rose, this perfume also contains subtle hints of sunny bergamot and garden-fresh daisy. This lush fragrance is perfect for conjuring up past memories of love and of loved ones (and for creating new memories, as well!).

Notes include:

  • rose (and more rose!)
  • bergamot
  • daisy
  • gardenia
  • pear
  • apple
  • vanilla
  • frankincense

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Absolutely stunning scents, love all of the ones I have gotten.

Patti K.

Love the Rose!

Donna Neff
Perfume Review

Both perfumes are beautiful. They smell just like the flowers. The rose is to die for. The Autumn flowers smells amazing. I am very happy.

Fresh Rose

I gravitate towards rose scents despite often being disappointed when they're overwhelmingly musky and not very rosy at all. So thrilled that this Rose isn't powdery or musky whatsoever, but also, that it's just so fresh and green. Think smelling a rose in a freshly picked bouquet with other light flowers and greens. The apple and sunflower notes make sense here. It's so different than other rose scents and I love it for that. I'm generous with the application and for me, it definitely lasts.

Smells heavenly

I love this solid perfume. I can't get enough of it but that could be because the fragrance doesn't last very long and since it's pricey my ordering will unfortunately be far and few between. Feels great and smells great and is so convenient in its packaging.