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Cozy Vanilla Solid Perfume


So, glad I bought the testers first....the ones I thought I would like... not so much when they were on me. The ones I wasn't sure turned out the best! Now I am ready to order what worked best for me!


Smells nice

Wonderful, wonderful scent!!!

This is a special, special scent and I love it!!!!


love it. so much fun. so portable, flexible, great base notes.

Rainy Day Solid Perfume
Kelley Shomaker
Rainy Day not my favorite

The scent seems flat to me. I guess I was expecting a more of a wet grass smell. Some scents you just can't replicate. The quality of the stick perfume is lovely though.

Loooove this fragrance

Such a delightful, sparkly, sweet, soft fun fragrance that you can layer on thru the day without being over powering! Its powdery, fresh floral fragrance is perfect for summer! I keep it in my pocket at work and apply frequently to give me that fresh boost!!

Solid Perfume Petite Collection


Love everything about it! Aroma therapy on the go!
The scent is so very fresh, pleasant, and has a soothing effect on me. I hope to be buying a floral scent each month.

They smell wonderful

I purchased the sample box. Out of the 12 scents, there isn't one I do not like. I carry one of them with me every day. I plan on ordering a few full size shortly

Excited about my new perfume. It smells lovely, but it also makes me hungry lol.

A perfect scent!!

This Vivistik is wonderful. The undertones of the ,’sea’ linger after the quiet sweetness. Love it


This fragrance is so soft and lovely. I love to put it on after a shower. It’s so fresh!

Petite Collection

I’m new to Vivistick and this is great way to sample all the fragrances! The little tins will be perfect for traveling or just dropping in my purse for the day. Plus there is a discount code for a future purchase—the had part will be choosing a favorite fragrance—I like them all!

Petit pots

I liked some of the scents, other gave away. The ones I do like however do not have staying power.

My favorite!

I purchased several scents but this is by far my favorite. It smells fantastic and makes me feel very feminine and pretty. Highly recommend!

Solid perfume

Love the smell and having a solid applicator rather than a spray.

Wonderful scent!!!

Love this scent!!!!


Great way to try each fragrance. Still trying to determine the one(s) I like best.

Honeysuckle Peony

Love this combo is scents. Just delicious and so many compliments!!

Quick and easy to apply .fresh scents very refreshing


great packaging and nice scents

I love these little sample sizes!

These are the perfect size to drop in your purse! And they smell heavenly!!

Nice scents

I'm still trying out my samples but so far I love them.

Smells wonderful

Love putting this on in the morning and actually right before bed, as a drift to sleep- smells fresh and clean!